Vironova presenting in Amsterdam at the “Transforming Innovative Research to Prosperous Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing” meeting



Come and meet us at booth 24 on the 6th – 7th December in Amsterdam.

Nina Forsberg, Marketing Director at Vironova, will be giving a presentation entitled “Accurate, automated characterization and purity control of gene therapy vectors” on Thursday, 7th December at 15:30 – 15:45

In summary, the talk will describe how MiniTEM can help in assessment of a typical product-related impurity in gene therapy manufacturing – vectors with deleted or rearranged DNA sequences. Empty particles can lose integrity and are prone to form aggregates. They can also impact the immunogenicity profile when administered to patients. Transmission electron microscopy analysis of negatively stained AAV samples (nsTEM) is unmatched in providing detailed information of particle integrity. MiniTEM automatically images and quantifies the portion of broken capsids as well as process-related impurities such as host cell debris. The MiniTEM analysis also provides the size distributions of the particles to give accurate data on sample purity.


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