Revolutionizing transmission electron microscopy for sub-visible particle analysis

Vironova offers premium sub-visible particle analysis for biopharmaceutical development and other emerging nanotechnology markets

Automated analyses for faster and better-informed decisions

What we do

Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company providing comprehensive hardware, software, and services for the analysis of nanoparticles. Vironova revolutionizes access to transmission electron microscopy–based image analysis in biopharmaceutical development. Our solution enables automated analyses for faster and better informed decisions to secure robust bioprocessing and final product quality.

Our offering

  • Cost-effective, fast Electron Microscopy (EM) services enabled by the in-house developed Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS) for semi-automated nanoparticle analysis 
  • Viral clearance testing performed in GLP and BSLIII certified laboratories
  • MiniTEM™, a bench-top transmission electron microscope system designed for automated nanoparticle characterization. High-resolution images reveal particle morphologies that are transformed into accurate metrics

Legal structure

  • Intelligent Virus Imaging Inc. (IVI Inc.) is a fully owned subsidiary in the USA used for certain patent rights
  • Vironova Biosafety AB is a fully owned subsidiary
  • NOW Electronics AB is a fully owned subsidiary
  • Vironova Instrument Solutions AB is a fully owned subsidiary

Intellectual property

Vironova strives to protect all technology and products developed. Patent applications are submitted in all relevant markets for new technology and technology improvements. The technology is protected by patents and patent applications for three complementary image analysis methods which cover the most important application areas in biological quality control.

MiniTEM is a registered trademark owned by Vironova AB.

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