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We are in the business of visualizing microscopically small particles, making the invisible visible and valuable

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Democratizing the access, power, and intelligence of TEM solutions.

Enabling pharmaceutical industry to make faster and better-informed decisions.

Offering a tailored and full stack TEM value chain solution to the industry.

9 out of 10 world's largest pharmaceutical companies as clients.

9 out of 10 world's largest pharmaceutical companies as clients.

Cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

Get to know Vironova

The investor relations page contains information about Vironova and about the business relevant to shareholders and potential investors. Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology and software company providing comprehensive hardware, software, and services for the analysis of nanoparticles. We specialize in electron microscopy solutions, with over a 10-year track record of product solutions and services to the pharmaceutical industry. Today, we offer highly competitive transmission electron microscopy (TEM) systems, software solutions and services to clients worldwide.

get to know Vironova

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Our core business and market position

We empower and democratize biomedical research and drug development for the pharmaceutical industry by pioneering advancements in the TEM-system market with our software, technology and services. Our TEM solutions increase accessibility, enabling usage in research, development, quality-control of new drugs throughout the clinical trial phases.

We enable the pharmaceutical industry to make faster and better-informed decisions for developing robust processes and final product quality within cell and gene therapy, vaccines and drug delivery segments - with the final aim to understand, find and distribute treatments to cure human diseases.


Vironova's CEO, Mohammed Homman.

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Our position in the market

The current world TEM technology market is fragmented with separate suppliers of electron microscopes, cameras, image analysis software, and contract research services. Vironova is today the only actor to provide integrated hardware systems, software and services. In addition, Vironova is alone in developing TEM systems and services in accordance with pharmaceutical GMP regulatory systems.

Our full TEM value chain solution package is tailored to meet specific requirements in biopharmaceutical development within the cell and gene therapy, vaccines and drug delivery segments.

Our multidisciplinary in-house knowledge and customer offering is groundbreaking, putting Vironova in a unique position to lead developments in the emerging coopetition TEM industry landscape.

Vironova's offering is well positioned across the most important key customer purchasing and decision criterias. Both in regard to our TEM systems as well as our services, and outperforming competition with software offering through automation, compliance and deep machine learning expertise.

Many years as a service provider gives Vironova a special position in providing purpose-built solutions for automated nanoparticle characterization.


We enable the pharmaceutical industry to make better-informed business decisions for developing robust processes and final product quality within cell and gene therapy, vaccines and drug delivery market.

Democratizing the access, power, and intelligence of TEM solutions 

We enable biopharma companies to solve the greatest medical challenges. Our customers are predominantly operating within the cell and gene therapy, vaccines, drug delivery segments. Navigating in a fast paced, cost intense, highly regulated and scientific complex landscape with needs across the whole drug development process, we secure our clients are: 

  • Fulfilling and meet regulatory requirements
  • Reduce total cost for testing over drug development period
  • Ensure efficient scale-up of GMP production
  • Increase process speed across clinical phases
  • Simplify complex testing of drug samples

Vironova’s is fulfilling customer needs through focus on user friendliness and adding modern technology to a traditional industry, where data transformation, from information to actionable business insights are the core value add to secure, efficient drug development.

Our intellectual capital which has genuinely been built up since our foundation is empowering our daily work in developing and innovating the industry as well as helping our customers to complete their jobs-to-be-done.

TEM system solutions

We currently offer clients two different TEM systems for analysis and characterization of nanoparticles, viral vectors and virus-based biotherapeutics.

MiniTEM™ is a user-friendly, small and agile 25 kW TEM system which revolutionizes access to transmission electron microscopy. It is non-architectural dependent in contrast with more traditional TEM systems, and can literally be placed anywhere, where the customer needs it. It is used in numerous applications areas and helps pharmaceutical companies to save time, increase analysis reliability and simultaneously makes the imaging and analysis processes easier. MiniTEM is the innovation that goes beyond common limitations and puts the power of TEM technology in the hands of our clients. MiniTEM runs on our machine learning based Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software (VIAS).

Our ViroTEM system has emerged from a collaboration between Vironova and Hitachi High-Tech. It is a powerful, versatile, and semi-automated 120 kW TEM system. ViroTEM runs on our machine learning based Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software (VIAS). The ViroTEM analysis system is a powerful tool for biotherapeutic applications, especially those involving viral structures, including: cell and gene therapy, viral-based vaccines, virus and bacteriophage contamination.


Our MiniTEM system controlled by one of our senior scientsist and application specialist.

Vironova Imaging and Analysis software used on computer

Vironova R&D scientist analyzing virus image data from ViroTEM using VIAS.

Software solutions

We provide industry-leading machine learning based software for image analysis which improves and automates the imaging process in organizations. 

The stand-alone and proprietary Vironova Analyzer Software (VAS) is used to automatically extract data from TEM images into graph-plotting and report-generating tools. VAS is the only GMP compatible TEM analysis software helping pharmaceutical companies  to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant It is compatible with Vironova’s MiniTEM, as well as instruments provided by other suppliers, making it a unique, flexible and, competitive alternative on the market. 

Vironova Image Analysis Software (VIAS), is an imaging and analysis software that both controls TEM, which via pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities provides semi-automatic image acquisition as well as subsequent analysis and data presentation. The software can control both our TEM systems. With its intuitive interface, VIAS is extremely easy to use which enables experts as well as non-experts to perform advanced particle characterization, classification and measurements.


Our intelligent Vironova Analyzer Software (VAS) being used to analyze images.

Electron Microscopy Services

Our Electron Microscopy Services team is specialized in analysis of nanoparticles for established biopharmaceuticals (e.g. viral based vaccines) and emerging therapies such as gene therapy.

We offer a broad portfolio of analyses of various particles using both the nsTEM and cryoTEM techniques. Our laboratory holds the world's first and only GMP certificate, which gives us a competitive edge and ensures premium service quality for our clients. 

Our senior scientists are using VAS in order to deliver high-quality images and accurate quantitative data, cost-effectively and on time. Each analysis report provides useful morphological information that is translated into quantitative and qualitative information enabling faster and well informed decision.


Two of our senior scientists analyzing images for one of our clients in the world's first and only GMP certified laboratory at Vironoca's HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

Viral Clearance Studies - Biosafety

Our Biosafety division is a contract research organization (CRO) working on a global market, specializing in viral clearance studies for biological drugs. 

We are the only Nordic CRO that conducts these studies in BSLII and BSLIII certified cell and virus laboratories and in compliance with good laboratory practices (GLP). Services range from early R&D to market release.

The purpose of viral clearance studies is to evaluate the ability of a particular purification process used in pharmaceutical production to disable or eliminate potential viral contamination.


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