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Investor Relations

This Investor Relations page contains information about Vironova and about the business relevant to shareholders and potential investors. Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company providing comprehensive hardware, software, and services for the analysis of nanoparticles. We specialize in electron microscopy, with a 10-year track record of services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of Vironova AB was held on Monday 24th ofJune 2019 at 15.00, at the Company’s premises, at Gävleatan 22, in Stockholm – Sweden.

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Vironova business and market position

Vironova is a private Swedish company, pioneering technology that can be used in development and quality-control of new drugs and vaccines. More specifically, Vironova specializes in electron microscopy for analyzing nanoparticles, with a 10-year track record of services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Typical nanoparticles analyzed by Vironova technologies are:

  • Lipid based carriers used to transport drugs to their exact targets in the body
  • Gene therapy vectors used to introduce new genetic material into target cells 
  • Virus-based vaccines e.g. for influenza 
  • The technology is also used in testing biological drug substances to determine final product purity and stability.

Significant disruptive achievements are:

  • Rendering powerful, but prohibitively complex, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) user-friendly and accessible through automation
  • Developing it in accordance with pharmaceutical regulatory systems for use in drug and vaccine development
  • Providing a one-stop-shop of expert services with in-house technology (MiniTEM) and software(VAS) to support this very complex and specialized area.

The Vironova offering enables the pharmaceutical industry to make faster and better-informed decisions for developing robust processes and final product quality. 

Products and services

Vironova is the sole actor on the market providing hardware, software and services in a comprehensive integrated offering. 

  • Hardware: MiniTEM, a desktop, user-friendly transmission electron microscope designed for nanoparticle characterization.
  • Software: The stand-alone Vironova Analyzer Software (VAS), used to automatically extract data from TEM images into graph-plotting and report-generating tools. Saves up to 6 hours per sample compared to manual approaches. The VAS is compatible with Vironova’s MiniTEM, as well as instruments by other suppliers.
  • EM services: Specialized in analysis of nanoparticles for established biopharmaceuticals (e.g. viral based vaccines) and emerging therapies such as gene therapy.
  • Know-how: World-leading, multi-disciplinary expertise in electron microscopy, digital photography devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development and image analytics.

Vironova's products and services


Our position in the market

The current imaging technology market is fragmented with separate suppliers of electron microscopes, cameras, image analysis software, and contract research services. Vironova is today the only actor to provide integrated hardware, software and services. In addition, Vironova is alone in developing systems in accordance with pharmaceutical regulatory systems. 

This multidisciplinary offering is one of a kind, putting Vironova in a position to lead developments in this emerging area.

Many years as service provider gives Vironova a special position in providing purpose-built solutions for automated nanoparticle characterization. Our offering is tailored to meet specific requirements in biopharmaceutical development. 


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