Unexpected results when creative people meet

In 2007 Swedish glass artist, engraver and painter Jim Johnsson contacted the founder of Vironova AB, Mohammed Homman, to ask if he could buy shares in Vironova. This request resulted in Virus art, a unique collection of magnificent pieces including glass sculptures and paintings, visualizing virus particles. The profit exclusively went to research and development of new antiviral drugs and virus diagnostics.

Virus Art

Virus Art glass sculptures by Jim Johnsson

 My cooperation with virus researcher Mohammed Homman is perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable project I have done as an artist, says Jim. I read everything I could find about viruses to understand the complexity and it intrigued me. Mohammed and I didn’t simply want to copy a virus but add an artistic touch and create virus particles in an imaginative way where I use color in combination with crystal but still keep the structure of the virus particles and macrofaghes. Science and art in the best of combinations.

Virus Art - sculptures by Jim Johnsson Viru Art - paintings by Jim Johnsson

About Jim Johnsson: 

Jim Johnsson has had a large number of international exhibitions and his glass art can be seen worldwide including the White House in the US. He was noted in Guinness book of records in 1992 for creating the world’s largest engraved piece of glass art called Bachanal, 290cm x 160cm, and in 1999 for the 5,3 sqm Ett skepp kommer lastat.

Visit jimjohnsson.com for more information about Johnsson’s artwork.