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Finding critical quality parameters using TEM-based image analysis

In this short webinar, we explain why TEM is an unmatched method to characterize nanoparticles and identify critical quality attributes in gene therapy development.

Josefina Nilsson, Director BioAnalytics, gave this webinar at the 5th Annual Bioprocessing Summit Europe in March 2022, as part of the Gene Therapy CMC and Manufacturing program.  

Watch the webinar here

Example reports

Want to see examples of Vironova's analysis reports for different particles, based on both nsTEM and CryoTEM techniques?
All example reports can be found here: Access all example reports

AAV Express Services

Our new AAV Express service offers a turnaround time of only 4 business days, from when we receive your sample.
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AAV Express for your project

Key takeaways

Here's how our transmission electron microscopy services help you make good decisions in product development and manufacturing:
  • Our electron microscopy team offers best-in-class nano-imaging expertise on both negative stain TEM and cryogenic TEM to tailor a method specific to your requirement.
  • Our services are performed in the world's first GMP-certified TEM laboratory.
  • Vironova's unique software, using AI and machine learning, ensures traceability and low error margin.
  • All results are presented in one single report addressing many parameters.
  • We offer validation studies to verify the client specific analytical procedure for its intended use.

If you have any questions, make sure to contact us and one of our TEM experts will help you out.

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